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Wellness Tips for Travel

Whether you travel by plane, train, automobile or boat traveling can take a toll on you if you don't make your health a priority. It can leave you feeling fatigued and run down. No need to worry, here are a few helpful tips to put the joy back into your travel plans.

1. Prioritize Your Sleep Habits.

-Leaving enough time in your travel schedule to allow your body to recoup from your journey will make your stay and return home more enjoyable.

2. Incorporate Movement When You Arrive/Return Home

- Find ways to move your body as your body will have been seated for an extended period of time.

- Incorporate some light stretching or a casual walk, something to relive the tension created from extensive sitting.

3. Be Mindful of What You Eat.

- Pay attention to how certain foods/drink affect your energy levels and focus on foods that give you energy. This way you can enjoy your travel plans to their full potential.

4. Take Time to Relax

- All too often, especially around the holidays, we get caught up in seeing and doing everything we can in the time we are traveling. This can lead to unnecessary stress and mental exhaustion and lessen the enjoyment of your trip.

- Focus on a few main things you would like to do/see allowing enough time in between to relax. Remember, traveling is supposed to be fun!

Remembering these few easy tips so you can enjoy your time away the way it was intended, with fun and excitement. 1. Prioritize your sleep, 2. Incorporate movement when you arrive/return home, 3. Be mindful of what you eat, 4. Take time to relax.