Decrease Pain and Stiffness at Your Desk.

Updated: Nov 21

Do you live each day with aches and pains? Most people do, especially in today's technology focused world many of us are staring into some form of a screen for most of the day. It also doesn't help that most of us aren't as active as our ancestors and we're starting to feel the results. Even though we have replaced hunting and gathering with using the latest food delivery app, don't worry! By making small consistent changes to your daily routine, you can regain your mobility and enjoy a life with less pain and stiffness.

Tip #1 - Switch to a stand-up desk.

Due to our less than active lifestyle our bodies are beginning to pay the price. Our muscles begin to weaken due to lack of use as well as becoming tight, limiting our range of motion. One of the ways we can counteract the effects of long-term sitting is by switching to a stand-up desk. Switching from sitting to standing not only places your body in a more natural position but also burns more calories as well. There are plenty of options to help you make the switch to a standing desk, from a full desk setup to a simple option that rests on top of your current desk. Find one that fits your preferences and your budget. An investment in your health it's well worth it.

Tip #2 - Add Short Movement Breaks.

Adding 5-10 minutes of movement in between Zoom calls, emails or even watching your favorite program has a list of benefits. Short movement breaks can help decrease the likelihood of your body stiffening up, it can increase circulation in your limbs and brain, and movement breaks give your mind a break from your current task which can increase productivity and allow you to think more clearly! Your movement break can be anything from walking a few laps around the room, taking a moment to loosen some bodily tension with some mobility work, holding a plank for a few seconds, or even taking a short hike. Finding what you enjoy and doing activities to work into your routine is key!

“Flexibility is youth.” — Diamond Dallas Page

Tip #3 - Be Mindful of Your Posture

Being aware of HOW you are sitting will make a drastic difference on how your body feels during periods of sitting. Ideally when sitting your shoulders will be over your hips, back flat and ears in line with your shoulders. This position is your body's natural position and will put significantly less strain on your body and help utilize your core. It may take some time to build up the strength to hold this position for an extended period of time but try to hold this position as long as possible. Your neck, shoulders, elbows and back will thank you.

Tip #4 -Mix Things Up

Try implementing a few of these techniques into your daily routine and repeat the ones that you like the best. This is YOUR life; find things that you enjoy doing! Adding movement may seem like something that is not worth the effort, but it is an investment in your health. You are worth it; make the effort.

Where do I Start?

This is not an all or nothing approach to regaining your mobility, anything is better than nothing. Start implementing just one of these options into your routine. Still not sure where to start? Join us on Facebook at Choosing to be Well or book a consultation with Steve Gage and find your solution today.

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