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What Does it Mean to Live An ENGAGED Life?

Living an Engaged Life means making intentional, educated choices that support you being your happiest, healthiest, and best self, all without judgment!

Every person is different- and their ENGAGED workouts, goals, and choices will be different, and not only is that ok, it's encouraged!

  Sara-Jane & Steve Gage both have years of experience in the holistic wellness & fitness industries and are excited to connect with you and support you in Choosing to be Well. We realize Wellness and Fitness require choosing behaviors and a lifestyle over and over to support you being your best self.  Choosing Wellness shouldn’t be a punishment, but rather an opportunity. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. Living Engaged can start with breathing, moving your body, or creating more fulfilling relationships; we will meet you right where you are!

Want to train hard for a Tough Mudder? Yay! That's amazing!  We can do that! Want to learn breathing techniques for when you are feeling overwhelmed at the office? We can do that too.   

Offering personal training, customized workout plans, yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition support, and dog training, all with the ongoing mission of meeting our clients exactly where they are with no judgement through the process, we are excited to connect and to empower you (and your pup too!) in your wellness journey!

Engaged Dogs need wellness support too!

From teaching them something new, to supporting them nutritionally, to keeping their minds engaged and bodies healthy, we are excited to help your pup Choose to be Well too!

Did you know your dog's training is only as good as your relationship with them? Let us help support you in creating a strong bond between you and your canine bestie. Learn how to build their and your own confidence, create a strong, mutually respecting relationship, and have a lot of fun doing it while teaching them something new!

Let's talk about how we can help you and your furry best friend lives your best lives; together or apart!

Reach out today to schedule a consult and take the first step to Choosing to be Well!

Check out our Engaged Store to show the World that you (and your pup,) are part of the Engaged Pack!

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"progress not perfection"

Steve Gage


"start your day with intention"

Sara-Jane Gage

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LOVE is a four-legged word

Penny-Grace Gage